a quiet 3pm at the apartment. first day..DONE.



Mom put a mattress in our tv room…so now i have my own room when i go home for the weekend. ah, the little thrills. IM SO EXCITED.


the brother dropped off a tissue full of hot cheetos on my laptop for me while i was watching grey’s. it’s nothing…

but it’s also the most heartwarming thing he’s done for me in a long time.

aw. here’s to little brothers.



the chinese californian’s method of braving the cold?

probably the 5th hot pot dinner we’ve had in the last two months.
(also, the only reason we ever use this room)


#89: ice ice baby.

but seriously, where’s all the boba?!

#87: and then there was Hong Kong


We had another ‘Curly Haired Reunion’…this time in Kerin’s part of America…NEW YORK! WHAT A PRIVILEGE.

We beat the heat and spent the week in awesome breezy sunny weather, unless I’m remembering incorrectly…

Anyway here we are, let’s sort of go from beginning to end–morning to night.


it’s been a while since i’ve been on an airplane…feeling turbulence after a decade of being on land is just weird.

the days consisted of a lot of walking and stopping for photo opps.

stealing air conditioning, while having fun in revolving doors.

really enjoying the company.

eating popsicles that look like us.

playing with those umbrellas we never use in california..

getting our art on and visiting museums..
(loved the Met by the way..if anyone ever gets the chance..GO GO)

i love this picture. especially with the fake grass shoved in front of the lens. oh, and the lady sunburning in the back.

being surrounded by, yes, a concrete jungle

see how life imitates art.

subway rides, galore.

comparing armpit hair lengths..

and the nights..

i’ll end with this picture i stole from jeffrey’s facebook album.

yes, God’s blessed my life with big BIG opportunities and beautiful people.

now off to Hong Kong!