7 AM, saturday morning.

Dad: “Wake up. Want to go to the flower market with me?”


“I’ll let you drive…”

done deal.




now i get to lay on the ground and just stare at the ceiling.

and hellooo..look what i found.


yes, took a picture amidst all this blah blah bio final studying.
i’ve been listening to my favorite Martina Mcbride again.

haha, is it lame to say it gives me warm fuzzy feelings and brings me back home?

ok ok. back to the books it is.

day 83: my little croissant.

woke up to something glorious keeping warm in our toaster oven!

oh…happy day..

“Home” for a few days.

ah, the summer days have been busy with work and school.
It’s nice to be running around all the time, but I really can’t wait to go lay in the hammock.

I just came back from a family gathering, complete with cousins, second cousins, babies…LOTS OF BABIES. It’s been a while since the last time I’ve been to one of these. I came home feeling a lot of contentment, joy, and maybe one too many scoops of icecream in my stomach.

Anyway, coming home with all that made me flip through these pictures. Emily, Christian, and I went up to Tim and Yumi’s a few days before Mt. Hermon just to be there…or to be “home” as Tim would say. haha.

ah, tim and yumi! didn’t get any pictures of you guys..hopefully the many of Ty make up for it!

I miss all of you guys! Till next time…

day 82

days off…he’s either reading or knocked out.

day 81.

new york. came and went.
wishing i people watched a little bit more.

miss y’all CHR.