Rob & Ann: MARRIED!

A few weekends ago, I got the privilege of teaming up with Hodges, Josh, and Daisy at a Palos Verdes wedding.

Whoo! Second wedding to add to “the list”

Here’s really a behind-the-scenes look at the wedding since I wasn’t necessarily needed for formal or main shots. It was actually fun getting to know everyone, spending the whole day with ann’s closest family, and trying to capture the humor and joy in this family. SO glad I had the chance to work at this wedding!

anyway, enjoy y’all.

i thought this couple was cute, just enjoying each other in the midst of wedding day chaos.

while everyone else was running around putting up decorations or practicing for reception performances, these two guys just chilled and read the paper…awesome.

AH, my favorite of the day..bride mother in waiting.

haha check out the old man on the left–fun guy.

got the chance to walk around pre-reception festivities while everyone was settling into their seats. it’s pretty cool observing people chemistry during conversations.

this lady–part of the awesome, high-energy table responsible for all the kissy kissy glass tinking that happened all night.

rob & ann were engaged in paris!

another favorite! rob’s sister watching their slideshow.

ahhh can’t wait for the next one!


2 responses to “Rob & Ann: MARRIED!

  1. Yay! Good to see more natural tones. :) Your pictures are still interesting in these tones, and that says a lot! Some photographers nowadays rely solely on unnatural tones/too much contrast (especially with the whole Lomography movement). Good photos that stay relatively true to colors in real life are always a breath of fresh air. *BIG BREATH*
    By the way, LOVE (!!!!!!) how you composed the 15th picture (people posing for photo/window shutters/photographer). :D
    In addition to the art, you made the wedding seem like a happy, laid-back event–good work.

    AND the kid with the camera in the second-to-last photo: Hahahahaha!

    Man. If I get married and people do that glass-clinking thing all night I’ll shoot them with a watergun instead of kissing my hubby. Take that, suckas!

    p.s. I love you a lot for using Georgia.

  2. Another great wedding album for you. I also enjoyed all the natural tones from your photos. They seem simple but complex especially with the view you give from your camera. Other than that I really enjoyed the story you were able to tell from what seemed the beginning of the day till the end. Keep up the great photography!

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