day 78. what?! i’m back.

agh. it’s been MANY days/weeks full of school work and just a general lack of interest in photos.
last night, I got to help shoot at a wonderful wedding in palos verdes. not gonna lie, i really do LOVE weddings. it’s slightly sick how emotionally attached i become to the bride and groom’s friends and family by the end of the night. but i suppose it’s a good attachment.

yesterday’s sermon was about God, our creator.
we create things out of something, but God…He creates things out of nothing.
pretty amazing. it was a good reminder of how little I am in a world FULL of God’s breathtaking creation, and how I may be an artist/a creative person/whatevs, but I can only draw inspiration from God himself.

so, hey. no pressure, right? haha.

glory to God.

anyway, here’s a little sneak at what went down yesterday. there were seriously a bajillion other photographers there (if you count family members with dslrs), so i took a backseat photog role a majority of the day.

i love old people and weddings. and old people at weddings.
this guy! i was taking a creeper shot of him (if you couldn’t tell) and i guess he heard me, so he looked up and SMILED. aw.


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