Eric & Tritia: Engaged!

So lemme give y’all a short little 411/background info before any picture posting…

Tritia and I grew up in church together since I was in 5th grade? We called each other ‘Grass’ and ‘Booger’…well, we still do occasionally. But it’s been almost a good ten years! I met Eric a couple of years ago when his dad interned at our church. I remember only exchanging a few words with him, but to give him credit, he had heard about my dingy little highschool…thus, he was a keeper for Tritia in my book. (I half kid!) So now imagine my excitement when I found out they were engaged!!

I unfortunately found this out via facebook, but welcome to the 21st century right? haha. it’s all good!

so without further ado…I give you the fruits of our labor (aka..the 5 hour run around UCLA):

Eric & Tritia:

AHH! Thanks for taking a chance on me and letting me photograph you guys. It was SUCH a fun time of exploring UCLA…y’all are seriously naturals. Have a ton of fun planning your June wedding. Let’s do this again sometime!


2 responses to “Eric & Tritia: Engaged!

  1. Thank you so much for all these beautiful pictures, Trisha! Praise God for giving us an abundance of sunshine & free balloons to use! :)

  2. excellent! some are a little soft. some are soft, and i like it.

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