Another Road Trip: Socal meets Norcal.

A ten day long trip jam packed full of SOCAL meets NORCAL madness: staying up till 6 “giggling” about our ‘shady past’, sleeping in till half the day was gone, photo sprees, food excursions, and finally serving side by side at Wintervision up in Santa Cruz for the MLK weekend.

Seriously, this whole trip was about 912801983 photo sprees mushed into one. So it’s only appropriate that I somewhat organize this entry by the places we’ve stopped to shoot at.

(I didn’t really take my camera out the whole time…but anyway, enjoy!)

Bixby Village Golf Course:
I’ve lived next to this golf course for the past year and a half and never had the guts to run in to snap a few shots. But in the end, the rich retired golfers don’t even care what you do on their little patches of heavenly grass.
The sun was setting and that made for an awesome time of dramatic lighting and opportunities to run around with our cameras.

There was much talk about Tyra’s “smizing” technique (smiling with your eyes), which is demonstrated wonderfully here by our very own top model:

yin & yang. (HEHEH)
so Emily dubbed us all her friends by giving us daisy rings-what an exciting time.

Random Beautiful Open Field off the 5:

More glorious open fields of green grass! There are seriously so many awesome spots to photograph off the freeway heading up to Norcal.

Naomi had to pee. There was grass around. Why not, right?
We all decided to capture it on camera.

GAWD. I love the colors here:

Grabbed a ridiculously funny one of Naomi and her studmuffin at Casa de Fruta:

Joe’s Ice Cream in San Fran:
The lighting was so glorious that day-overcast and cloudy is the best! Oh, and Joe’s Thai tea ice cream was pretty delicious as well!

Naomi during the whole trip: iphone photo updates of our trip, then uploaded onto facebook for the world to see.

Some San Fran Forest:

haha, I really wish I knew the name of this park that we stopped by.
Anyway, we found a human bear with a stuffed fish.

Courtney Dair’s:
She didn’t believe us when we told her we were right outside her house. haha!

Costco for Lunch:
We stopped by Costco before driving to the Koinonia campsite for Wintervision.
Okay, I honestly didn’t know they had Costco’s up in here. (haha) Sometimes Norcal seems like a different country to me.

While Emily went to buy a churo, we stuffed sauerkraut into her straw. HEH. Check out her reaction, shot by shot.

Gas Stations:

I didn’t take any pictures at Wintervision, but I did get Naomi enjoying the task of cleaning car windows at gas stations.
haha…check out the determination:

ps. KHIGA!! WHY I don’t have any pictures of you on my camera is odd!!

Sigh. This trip being over just means break is ending.



2 responses to “Another Road Trip: Socal meets Norcal.

  1. HAHA the straw costco reaction thing made me lol for real.
    Naomi’s pics washing the windows are hilarious too.
    DANGIT we had so much fun.

  2. Looks like a fantastic trip. The whole time I was angry at the three girls and I didn’t realize that Jeff was there too. He will be the new object of my wrath.

    Love the photos!!! I really love some of the filters you used. All post production?

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