Cheri & Ed: Married!


Cheri & Ed were married this past Halloween weekend on Coronado Island in San Diego. They were kind enough to let me be a “volunteer photographer” that day. Being that this was my first ever wedding photospree, their wedding certainly gave me an awesome first experience. I honestly had so much fun getting to know everyone …from Cheri & Ed to their families to their bridal party to their hair & makeup vendors. It was a simple, relaxed wedding with no fuss details and a TON of love and support. (You could really feel it just being there, honest!) Not to mention, they seriously know how to throw a party! I left the wedding with a feeling of satisfaction and an aching hip. (HAHA)

diamonds may be a girl’s best friend…but hairspray comes pretty close to second place.

Ed’s mother was so much fun to talk to that morning!

ahh! the first look:

we bring you …the awkward prom pose…

serious, this shot is kind of BOMB!

details..details..turquoise and yellow were the colors of the day!

let the games begin!

Cheri & Ed,

Thanks for letting me help photograph your wedding! I seriously had the best time. Wishing you two an amazing life of marriage together that’s overflowing with God’s love and lots of DANCING!


3 responses to “Cheri & Ed: Married!

  1. Thanks for taking these awesome photographs at our wedding. It was fun hanging out with you as well! Some of the guys that met you at the wedding wish you were older; You are a beautiful mature young woman, we look forward to seeing more of your work ahead.

  2. Nice photos, Boog! These photos are definitely beautiful :) I am LOL-ing at the comment above.

  3. Trisha, you totally outdid yourself! Your work is fantastic! LOL at the comment above too. You are a first class wedding photog!

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