day 47: christmas break

Aside from better home cooked meals and the siblings yelling at each other all the time, it’s pretty funny finding newly snapped pictures on your SD card. Despite the insane chaos that is home, I really do love the two other kids my parents had…

left to right, top to bottom:

  1. break has consisted of a lot of photoshop work for various projects-it’s tedious and tiring and sometimes my brain wants to meltdown, but i’m reminded it’s awesome compared to say..disecting a frog.
  2. can i say, chapped lips? my sister loves wrapping her head and neck with scarves: view here.
  3. haha, my sister’s face here cracks me UP. her facial features are so extreme sometimes.
  4. i have an artsy fartsy brother.
  5. haha, sure everyone has a picture like this-dslr shoved in front of mirror..but does yours have a crazy giggly sister in the back?
  6. no comment needed for this one.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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