“Tong Yuan”: that ooey-gooey family gathering.

continuation from yesterday’s post

It’s really nice having these family gatherings though having these at our house usually means increased volume from everyone-seriously, we all just yell at each other. But it’s just nice having to use my Chinese again and laughing at jokes in Chinese because, well, I actually understand most of it now. And I almost forget how insanely funny everyone in my family is! Y’all should visit! (haha)

oh! and uncles who’ve had one too many shots of brandy are REALLY happy and literally silly. (In case you wanted a picture for reference, I didn’t post any pictures of their loopy selves)

I’d like to say I took all of these shots, but my cousin (in the hat) grabbed my camera and took many of these. I only had a hand in editing, which I seriously don’t mind at all.

now…ENJOY the whole shebang!

for some reason, the uncle really wanted to take pictures with us…

and that prompted a few family portraits with our lovely “tree”.

i think we all have this weird infatuation with the gramps’ wrinkly hands.

my uncle told me to go take a picture with my dad.
cut the sap, bring on the similarities:

HAHAHHAHA. auntie winnie, showing us how an uncle used to take pictures when he was a kid:

y’all are about to witness cousin/gramps group photo FAIL.
you give an auntie a camera, you get extreme zooming and cropping.
but it’s got that “ooey-gooey” close proximity feeling, right?

we, the cousins, wanted to revive our old group photos again. please reference here.

haha, no idea why we stuck our thumbs out and even threw my dad in for fun:

here’s to another laughter-filled, good-feeling family gathering!


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