day 44: IT’S CHRISTMAS!!


I love the holiday season-chilly cold air, too many layers to count, long socks, useless razors, christmas decorations…and best of all…FINALS being OVER.
It’s great.

The apartment celebrated christmas early, before we all headed home home for the break. If we ever move out of this place, it’ll be a BUTT to pack up and away…we seem to hang something new up every single day-either our art/design projects, paintchips or random findings…I love it though.

This month features the insane amount of christmas decor that is up…just the tree alone screams “IT’S CHRISTMAS TIIIIME!”

Alright. I exaggerate. but seriously..that tree is REEEdiculous.

One of the lovely freshmen girls made each of us these cute wooden animal ornaments, here they are in full usage (that makes sense, right?). Andrea also made cupcakes and frosted them…told you she should be an art major, color theory SAY WHAT? …OH! and she also made each of us STOCKINGS! I’ve never had my own because…Chinese kids love red envelopes more than red polyester stockings…but hey, you give, i take. :)

ps. I end with this shot of us that I stole from facebook-pretty much sums up what our gift excahnge was like this past week:

now here’s to an insanely relaxing winter break y’all!


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