What day is it again?

let’s say it’s about day 36-41 for my little project 365.
i’m so behind! but here i am, in the library…”studying” with the roommates..and TOTALLY catching up on this blogging business.

Anyway, during girl’s retreat this past weekend, we had our own individual quiet time…and so, after a while of journalling, i braved the cold lake arrowhead weather and walked around taking some pictures. Thought I’d take advantage of the fact that we drove 2 hours up a mountain to be surrounded by nature…

There’s something really relaxing and joyful and fulfilling about standing on a tree trunk in wet mocassins and staring up at the sky. MAN, THOSE TREES. Who invented perspective anyway?! Oh, God did. And the way the sunlight hits the back of autumn leaves? I could be freezing my butt and my fingers off, but it’s worth getting to see all of that! God is so good.

oh btw, we stayed at Granny Gert’s cute little mountain cabins…
when it gets dark though…it gets a little creepy.



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