yikes! days 24-29

The workload has been winding down to where I only have one assignment to do each night..I’m trying to enjoy it ’cause finals are coming up in two weeks or so. Nothing too hard, just gotta do it. I hate that sometimes.

anyway, day 24: rachel’s car ribbon.
it’s pretty much the way to identify her car. that and the little dimple on her bumper. hahah.

day 25: just another car ride. but the colors ring true to the christmas season…great reminder that it’s coming, thanks to the kost. BRING IT ON!

days 26-28:
flag football at the park.
not much participation in the actual sport on my part, unless tossing the football around for a few seconds counts.
it was more of a time to just sit around absorbing some sunshine and maybe even get on a swing again; i actually got a little dizzy from using it today…it might’ve been because i was trying to take this picture while swinging back and forth. hah.

this is jeff tom. but he COULD be a yellow Coach Boone from Remember the Titans..

day 29:
thanksgiving hasn’t even passed yet. but our christmas tree is up.
just lacking a few lights, some ornaments, and a topper. anyone care to donate those missing components?



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