Days 20-22

It might be becoming a trend now to post 3 at a time…i have the same lame’s been a little insane!

Well, if I were honest..not really. procrastination and lack of focus is actually setting in now that school’s become an endless cycle of projects and papers. I can’t wait till it starts simmering down a bit. But I’m still pushing myself to get a shot every day…that was the goal for this project right?

The roomies and I took the WPE (whoopieee! ..the writing proficiency exam) today. I haven’t gotten up so early to take a test since my last SATs. D: agh…those days…I’m so glad they’re over. Anyway, after the whole WPE craziness, Naomi and I went off to Norwalk to have a teeny photospree with a family for Naomi’s urbana silent auction. ‘Twas an interesting experience since neither of us knew the family…but still fun.
I’m still editing through the wedding from Halloween…I love weddings.

anyway, without further ado. days 20-22:

these are from today’s photospree:




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