Days 17-19: Catching up!

day 17: tangerines.
The new stash of tangerines i have at the apartment now have an insane amount of seeds in them. I usually just swallow them to avoid having to spit them out each time..but this time, it was just…ridiculous.

day 18

This one was actually taken this morning at school while I was walking around posting fliers for our toy drive. It’s definitely different, more peaceful, walking around campus with no one really around.

day 19: construction zone.

Our school has so much construction going on right now. It’s exciting, but it kinda hurts at the same time too, with all these furloughs and budget cuts….money has already been set aside for these buildings. But anyhow, made for a pretty cool picture.

I had a really fun veteran’s day off today. Red Cross picnic and Roomie night out! Now, off to another few days of busy lectures, studios, and school work. oh joy!




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