not exactly bloody murder.

the roomies rachel and andrea got their ears pierced last sunday.

i have an insane fear for that piercing gun and everything associated with attaining bejeweled earlobes, but i went along anyway…with my camera…kinda hoping that viewing this whole spectacle through the camera lens would make it less gory.


the chair of death:

pre-piercing…look how happy they are. life is never going to be the same, girls…NEVER.

i think she’s ready…

i guess pain makes her happy, evil child…

and i guess after an ear pierce, your earlobes start to warm up really quickly. now what part of THAT is appealing??

andrea’s turn…

i swear she makes it seem like the most boring thing ever:

and they’re done!

ok, so it’s probably not the biggest deal in the world.

the actual process only took about 2 seconds, each ear.

shocking, i know.

lemme tell you one thing….don’t do it.



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