beachin’ it for fresh meat.

finally an event where i brought my hunk of a camera!
i guess i never regret bringing my camera to places…just regret not bringing it. if that makes sense.

anyway, freshmeet was a saturday of beach fun that our fellowship holds every year just to get the ball rolling and for everyone, new and old, to get acquainted with each other. and THAT we certainly did! big thanks to rachel (the roomie!) and randy for planning this. i had a bunch of fun!

now for some pics from the day…obviously some not taken by me. haha.


awkward chicken dance = best dance evar. GIF to come soon!

if hollister models were allowed to be awkward and slouchy, they’d hire me. HAHAHHAHA. doncha think? (half jk)

i really love this picture. don’t know why since it’s nothing super special:

the roomies. my extended arm is for mabel!

how cool is the sky?!


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