dinner parties

the new thing this year at the apartment seems to be the fun thing we like to call “dinner parties.”
not exactly a full-on wear your little-black-dress and tuxedo affair, more of a let’s-sit-and-chat around the table while we eat kinda shindig. it’s really a lot of fun.

everyone brings their own little contribution to the table-so there’s lots of variety.
better than my boring old meat, veggies, and rice dinner every night.
plus its not as lonely eating by yourself. haha.
i guess sometimes its nice to get away from the computer and homework, and just sit around with the awesome roomies for good food and conversation.

and sometimes, other people come over.
whoa whoa. how’s that for throwing in even more craziness?

i’ll admit, i’m always the first one to be completely frazzled and annoyed by the sudden company and bubble of suffocating heat. and you KNOW i won’t hesitate to show my frustrations.
i suppose low blood sugar is another factor.
but once i’m fed and my sugar level is back to normal, i’m back to normal. (HAHA)

i really do enjoy the conversation and the company.
heck, i even like wiping the kitchen floors at the end of the night.

our first “dinner party” with guests, andrea and i were really excited to have something to do besides sit in and vegetate in front of the couch. so we set the table with pretty plates and a lavender bedsheet, topped off with a vase of hydrangeas. ’twas EXTREMELY sophisticated, i must say.

funny story behind the hydrangeas:
andrea and i were coming home from school last week, and we passed by a big bush of hydrangeas. i stopped and told her “i really love these flowers!” and she goes ahead and plucks the whole thing off with her hand. we laughed for a really long time while i struggled to gently stuff the flowers into my bag. i knew my bag was empty that day for a reason..

we used the leftover hydrangea leaves as extra decor. quite snazzy doncha think? it’s a good thing.
martha stewart has nothing against us.

and finally, the dessert we made for dinner that night. “ice cream cake” with a load of frosting and one gorgeous strawberry cake topper. it looked better than it tasted, i gotta admit.

lisa and i were talking this morning, wondering if we’ll keep this dinner thing up for the rest of the year.
maybe we will. we’ll see.

hopefully i’ll take some shots of the actual food next time.

AND some shots of the actual apartment too!


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