NorCal: a curly haired reunion

that whole curly haired reunion business?
it’s not what you think. (for those of you with brains in the gutter.)
just a little ‘ode to taylor swift:

seems a six hour drive up north is not such a big deal anymore.
and that’s exactly what we did.

a nice relaxing time with funny, beautiful company.
yeah, beautiful. just scroll down…the proof is in the pudding.

day one: davis.
we hit up this burrito place called “guad’s”.
they make humungo burritos that can feed 3 people for $11. what a steal!

i think we could totally pass as sisters. just look at this picture:

PP membrane!

this will be that album cover for the backstreet boys when they finally say “we’re really gone.”
we’re not ashamed.
(it’s funny that it’s blurry. think about it.)

days 2 & 3: dublin.
we spent the next few days with tim lee (one of our speakers from camp).
this is tim. 
he was one of the few chinese on the trip. (one of 2) but i never said anything about it.

we came home one afternoon while tim and his wife were out to find a lovely letter that they left for us on the table. anyone who watches top model would get it when i say it reminded us of tyra mail!!!!
so here we are with the letter and the cutest dog in the world.
totally. fell. in. loooove.

next day, us girls tried to get pedicures. tried and FAILED.
i decided to include this i-just-woke-up-but-i’m-totally-glamorous shot of myself. 
i’m vain. and i like green nailpolish.

while we were waiting for the crazy pedicure ladies to fit us into their sched, the boys went to a park to take pictures. for some reason, taking pictures of yourself and getting a pedicure don’t seem too far off from each other. doncha think?

jeff, resident model.

and here’s a GIF. 

a little inside joke about those ostricized natural born weirdos:

krispy kreme donuts are the bomb. ANYWHERE.

we were also really fond of these payless shoesource free mama socks:

here’s a close up. flattering, ain’t it?

oh christian. if only your 20,000 subscribers knew your true colors:

day 4: san franciscoooo.
pew pew!

and finally, that group shot that took too many takes:

ps. i’ve never screamed so much in a car before.
let’s do it again!

2 responses to “NorCal: a curly haired reunion


    To norcal, that is.

    (Here is the comment you asked me to leave you. Happy? haha jk)

  2. emilyonthesideofthehill

    These are awesome, I can’t believe I hadn’t seen them before now. I love the one of the three boys in the sun walking away.

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