the newest, coolest pose evAR.

haha. how lame is my post title. whatever.

yesterday, two of my highschool friends and i headed down to santa monica for a few hours.
it’s really weird self timing pictures with a big clunky camera. mostly because it takes two consecutive shots-one right after another-and we never know when to change poses.

it was fun being in front of the camera with all these half naked santa monicans as our audience. i felt a little less awkward ’cause i was able to hide behind a pair of sunglasses (thanks scarletto). for some reason, if they can’t see my eyes, they can’t see ANYTHING. hahahah. if only that were true.

but anyway, i think the best one we came up with was running at the camera.
i think i tripped and fell to the side  for the first one. but that just makes it even more exciting. by the end of it, i had sand all over my knees-which worked out for me…concealed the fact that i didn’t put any lotion on my legs.


my legs look insanely muscular here. HAHAHAH. ftw?

oh, this is the fall…

haha…so in the future, you can bet your savings and your parents on the fact that i WILL make any future victims of my photosprees run towards me. hahahha.

now that i type this, i realize ..a lot of people do that already.

whatever. still fun.

go try it.

(oh, and it’s more fun to be doing the running rather than the snapping. juust..saying)


One response to “the newest, coolest pose evAR.

  1. You always take the weirdest pictures

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