viva las vegas: it wasn’t a bus tour.

this past weekend, my family embarked on our longest vacation together EVER.
(that bus tour last year doesn’t count since we were on that vacation along with 98123 other long lost relatives…)

we went to vegas!

the main attraction for the whole vaca and the reason we stayed for more than 2 days was the Lion King show at Mandalay Bay. What an amazing production! I kinda teared up when the elephant started walking into the room. (go watch it and you’ll understand the reason behind this weird reaction)

i know i know. summer vacations should be ALL about relaxing and having a great time. this family vacation, for me, was a tough one. i think our family isn’t used to being stuck together for 24 hours a day-which is kind of a sad thing, but it’s reality-so we argued a lot and got on each others’ nerves.

my mom, sister, and i had a talk about that after the whole shebang was over, and we kinda realized that sometimes we expect a lot from each other-we expect the OTHER person to change in order to make circumstances more relaxing and enjoyable. but in actuality, sometimes, it’s ME that has to step up to the plate and realize my own flaws and faults. you can’t force someone else to change, but you sure can have a stab at it yourself.

i think the 4 days we spent together was a lesson and a blessing in disguise. it’s been really easy for me, especially, to want to just walk away from all the chaos that makes up a family because i’ve been away from home a lot for the previous 10 months. i was  a little like jonah, no? wanting to hide from the challenge that could only produce good fruit and help me grow as a person and in my relationship with the fam bam.

so after all this, no the chaos has not decreased. (i wish it was like a movie…the climax is over and it’s all just happy music and laughing family members…happily ever after!) but i’m grateful. i love being annoyed with everyone in the house. HAHA! yeah, i love them.

now, for less rambling and more viewing…

here are the few that i actually liked.

this is what the bro did most of the trip (and me too on some occasions, like when he was taking a nap and i had free reign on that machine):

so i thought the wall to wall curtains were a really cool backdrop. probably thee coolest thing in the room, after the free shampoo bottles and bathroom phone…

the craziest shots happen by accident…not by my skill. i suppose this forces humility.
my favorite:

(i gotta admit, i didn’t like most of the pictures i took on the trip. my camera is failing on me in terms of quality and pixels and i don’t know -insert camera lingo-.) so i just stuffed the rest into a nice rectangular collage.

and finally, i can’t embed this video, but here’s a little something we did while mom was showering:

clicky click it!

hopefully y’all can see that!

ahha. good times. :)


2 responses to “viva las vegas: it wasn’t a bus tour.

  1. dude that was HILARIOUS. i think ur dad wins at the bed twirling.

  2. wow good shiz good shiz
    ppls are hard to shoot :(

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