oc fair: a little overdue.

first time at the oc fair for me.
scratch that..first time at ANY fair. the city park’s “play days” doesn’t really compare to how humungo this place is.
and so i heard LA fair is even bigger. can’t wait for that one! i don’t really know when that goes on.

but anyhow. thought i’d do a little recap of the day.

the entourage, ready to tackle anything that comes our way…

i think everyone ate fried SOMETHING.
i personally ate some oversalted fries, corn dog, and turkey leg. (btw, what are your opinions about that turkey leg? it wasn’t that exciting for me..)

it was a day all about spending too much money on not really anything…

jeff vs. corn: youtube it

ohhhh yeah. fried oreos win, f’sure.

it was also a day that wouldn’t have been complete without a failed attempt in the photo booth:

here’s julie and my free, but totally successful attempt:

one of my favorites of the day:

if he wasn’t our youth pastor, he’d be a korean super-pop-star.

and of course, a little jumping action:

finally, i end the day with fair love.
lemme explain that concept created by steph, the gal in green.
fair love was evident ALL over the oc fair grounds that day…random couples just embracing each other in the middle of nowhere. steph got a few stalkerazzi shots of them and by the end of the day, we all ended up mocking them…this one being one of the few shots with both the real deal and the fakers in the same picture…thus it’s been dubbed fair love. for all the world to see that true love DOES exist.

(i just gagged a little)



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