it’s been a great six months…

so i’m freezing my wart off tomorrow.

yes world, i have a wart on my arm.
it’s been about six months, i think?
longer than most high school relationships….
:O did i just type that?! …not erasing.

anyhow. i’ve never looked at this wart as anything disgusting or contagious. i actually kinda enjoyed the short amount of time i’ve had it….it’s disgusting to look at, but SO interesting at the same time. it’s that kind of thing where you keep staring at it, but you don’t know why. yeah, warts kinda have that effect..

haha, i’ve probably told some of you this story.
but in class, when i’m seriously bored, i would pick at it. and (because we had most classes together) mabel would always have to slap my hand to make me stop. one time it even bled. :O


and sometimes when i’m talking to people and i’m waving my arms around, i catch their eyes shifting towards my arm and giving the wart a funny look. they were either thinking “she’s got a disease..” or “she forgot to pick off that boba on her arm..”

ok maybe that last one was a far stretch.

why am i devoting a whole entry to this thing?
i don’t know..i feel like it’s been a part of my….er…identity for quite some time now. ya know? it’s a bit like cindy crawford’s mole..but not quite the moneymaker or a runway walker.

so unfortunely, we must part ways for various reasons:
a. my doc told me it’s caused by HPV (human papilloma virus). OMG I HAVE A VIRUS IN ME. yuck. i’m sure freezing this off won’t kill the virus. it’s all psychological.
b. my dad gets freaked out whenever he sees it ’cause it seriously looks a little bit like a cancerous monster on my arm. he worries for me…give me an awwww.

everyone, please bid your farewells.

(now that i think about it..i wish i gave it a name)


(and i wish this picture was focused on that wart…not on me. took this a couple weeks ago.
but i’m a little too lazy to take a better picture, and i’ll just spare all of your gagging reflexes today. consider it my gift to you.)
thanks for reading. hahahahh

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