not a night owl

someone asked me recently why i sleep so early (early = 11:30pm).

there are several reasons–
:: according to my mom, sleeping early reduces the amount of pimples i get.
i’d like to say it does, but doesn’t seem to be working. maybe 11:30 is STILL too late.
:: my eyelids start to gain weight around the time the clock starts ticking 10:30
:: lights out in my family is literally around this time, even though my dad is still sitting on the couch…he’s really knocked out.

ok, maybe not several reasons, only three.

but ultimately, i like to sleep early because of her:

i snapped this last night while she was waiting for me to go to bed, but she subsequently fell asleep.

yes, she waits for me to go to bed (if her own physical clock allows her to do so). and most nights i’m still up pounding away on my laptop. and when she’s knocked out, i feel guilty that we didn’t get to fall asleep together. -cue the awwww’s-
since i’ve moved out, we’ve had less time to spend together. back when i was home all the time, we would talk (or even sing..) before we went to bed. i think we both enjoy those times together, we just don’t tell each other. but my mom told me that my sister thinks me coming home on the weekends isn’t that exciting anymore because i’m usually on my laptop anyway. ouch. stab.

so, it’s less laptop time and more sisterly bonding.

before i’m off to play restaurant or monopoly or something…here are a few older shots of the sis:

this one cracks me up. hahaha.

and i’m off!

ps. photo spree with THE rockstars jeff and scarletto tomorrow in cerritos! whoowheee, i’m excited!


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