the brother: at work.

my mom always jokes about the computer being my brother’s ‘workplace.’

the few hours in a day that he’s allowed to touch the computer are possibly the most quiet hours of the day,
except for the random “fire the hole” outbursts from his game,
it’s much more serene than hearing my sister yell “stop annoying me!”

and with his concentration solely on playing his game (i have no idea what the name is),
he can’t protest against me snapping a few pictures of him…muahaha…

it all began when i was sitting on the couch behind him and just saw his back.
i thought it was funny. come on, laugh with me. it’s kinda cute.
(did i just say cute?! oh snap. that word can never ever come out of my mouth around him.)

here is the man at work:

every pro-computer game player needs one of these chairs, complete with height adjustment…

then i had a little too much fun laying on the floor taking pictures of his feet.
but i really like the colors and the reflections from the glass table.

working hard, once again…

and finally, the undivided attention required for such a job. can’t you see it in his face?

oh, and i usually don’t include my collages on here..but i really like how this one came together.
i’ve got a serious crush on these colors. 8D



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