tiffany & allen: part two, alhambra high

it’s a little ironic that i came here for a spree ’cause alhambra high is rivals with my own high school.
but i guess now that i’m in college, i can’t hold that kind of grudge anymore.

tch. yeah right.



fact is, tiffany and allen met in asb here back when they were juniors? sophomores?
so it was fitting that we adventure through the grounds of alhambra high to shoot a few more.
i love how this set came out.
it’s a little different from the chinatown set in terms of architecture and coloring,
and there is definitely a LOT more brick versus huge red pillars.

this is the face tiffany’s sister, krystie, ALWAYS makes in pictures.
this is an ode to her, i guess. heh heh.

the big hunka diamond!

jenn kuroda, this was inspired by your own shot with the boy.

one of my favorites!
it makes me want to run around in the sunshine and in the grass.

yes, talk about madness! it was a happy accident.

we were trying to recreate the time allen and tiffany started dating.
i don’t think this really happened in reality, but they can tell their kids it happened. :)


ankle clapping! (what’s the real term?)

even though this shot is cut off a little, i love how intense their faces are here. haha!

another ring shot. gotta show it off!

alhambra high boasts a beautiful turquoise and green mosaic tile wall.

coming soon on a glorious september saturday, their wedding!

here’s an ode to tiffany’s other sister, melissa, who makes this face a lot.
i wish i had pictures to compare to. but that might be violating their facebook privacy.

just laugh, ok? hahahah:

i think we should all just take pictures laying down on the ground like this. such great lighting! 8D
another one of my favorites:

and finally, i end this two part session with a lovely (partly scary-look to the right) shot of the three of us.

thanks tiffany and allen for agreeing to be my little engagement shoot guinea pigs. :)


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