oh, if i could turn back time.

i think my favorite pictures are the ones i took a LONG time ago with my point and shoot.
just can’t replace the old originals.
i make myself sound like an old fart (omgah, i’m afraid to turn 20 next year. shhh older ones, lemme complain.)
but i think just looking back on old entries makes me realize how quickly we can change.
i dare you…go stalk yourself!

so for the summer, i kinda decided to turn back time and focus more on what’s around me.
appreciating more of what’s not moving, loud and flamboyant.
things that can’t be directed or asked to “smile with your eyes”…

now for the two latest attempts..

i was staring at this lonely shower thing for many days till i finally just took a picture of it.
it’s lonely and useless because the part of the curtain it’s attached to broke.

ahha, my sister has a thing for playing restaurant.
she invited a few guests over.

and for some older ones that i just wanted to bring back again:


One response to “oh, if i could turn back time.

  1. Nice gallery. The picture with the used eraser on the right doesn’t look like it belongs.

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