the brother graduates.

these are about a month too late, but i figured i’d post them anyway
(once again referring to my what-if-everything-burns-down-and-all-is-left-is-this-blog theory)
they’re already up on fb because my brother seems to enjoy that kind of publicity.
shhh..i didn’t say that…

i would also like to mention the fact that i didn’t have an 8th grade promotion,
with the full on ceremony, luncheon, and shiny blue gowns…i’m a little jealous.
but it’s ok…i’m 5 years ahead of him.

let’s begin with something a little more art-say..

unfortunately, i didn’t get in on any of these pictures. haha.

and he only smiles when he’s around his buddies.

my brother = so suave.
i wonder if he’ll go breaking girls’ hearts one day. we shall wait and see.

and finally, my sad attempt at a food portrait.
(check out scarletto’s awesome BLT capture)

congrats jeremy chan.
welcome to highschool!!


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